Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello, from Sweden

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

News That Will Finally Put You at Ease

I have finally discovered my Drag Name:

Ausable Chasm

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don and Yale

See you later.
I'm about to encounter experts.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Syria- Slee?

It's pretty wretched and it's all getting a bit Hutu Power around those northern parts of Iraq.

Frigging lunatics.

You know, there may be a water shortage and there may be all sorts of other problems, both present and historical...but why, oh why, do we still resort to violence?

Being the super power sucks. We Americans have to do all this crap all over the world so we can continue to enjoy our cheap cotton T-shirts in peace. Sure. Fine. That's what we do.

But give a man a/teach a man to fish, right?  When are we going to teach these damn people how to fish? I think maybe never. Maybe, they are not teachable.  That killing is not the answer.

Plus, what do we know about Jihad, really, except that our violent Protestant and Catholic ancestors loved to go at it for decades at a time.  But they came to their senses, slowly but surely...the last sputtering stupidity in Ireland. (Well, like all these things, it wasn't just a religion thing.)

Friends in the Middle East, if you can hear me: Stop killing people. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. Like putting sugar in a gas tank or beer in a baby.  It's insane.

Why not this?  As soon as some group of people decides to go on a rampage...instead of us going in to protect...why don't we just drug them all with sleeping gas?  Just slow them down...then, while they are sleeping, we can brain wash them. Or lobotomize. Something.

All these centuries as homo sapiens and we still didn't get it right. Damn our luck. It's sickening. And to just stand by and say, "Oh, that's how we are. We go to war," is just cynical and pathetic.

New Way of Doing Things, Please.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 11, some Truths, now. At least on this End

As you get older, it simply can't be all about you. That will make you sick.

The climate change reality has pretty much subsumed the deniers. The deniers are quieting down---as their cows and kids are being sucked up into tornado funnels. Whatever it takes...

True Capitalists, like mean teachers, try to separate everyone so they have no power, are completely alone, and yield all their energy to the leader. Don't let those bitches separate us. I Love You, Sheila! See you after school to figure out our plan!

Transgender Rights are on the rise. God Bless the Transgenders. (Only one of the nouns in that last sentence has been truly known to exist. Enjoy this empirical truth.)

I believe in dogs. But I won't do it! I won't! I don't care how intense my dogbido is.

People make fun of fame seekers. But when all the jobs go away because Google has automated everything, the only people who will feel connected are those that are witnessed by others DOING something. Keep filming and sharing.

I also love goats. But they eat everything in an apartment.

My Right Wing friends have left me alone on Facebook. Thank goodness. "Love ya, you bunch of Mussolinis, but I'd rather raise the minimum wage and give away free health care that we richer types can easily pay for than listen to your hatred and fear of people with fewer resources than you have. People can't become self starters when their untreated yeast infections are larger than their loaves of bread. Yeah, I just made that up and it is disgusting."

High Speed Rail!  Say it ten times to everyone you meet.

My neighborhood park is loaded with Ground Hogs. The Real Estate Agents should call this area, "UBilMu" for Upper Bill Murray.   We're here all week. Is this thing on? How's the prime rib?

My goldfish, though a fine animal, is not very affectionate. I feed her anyway. Love the cold blooded. Why the hell not?

I need to eat more peanuts. If not just because I like them, but to save the kids.

Plastic. It is plastic and chemicals that are destroying our gametes (eggs and sperm) and that is why the nervous systems of so many children are whacked. You don't think we're a delicate species? Why not? Why don't you think that?

My husband's shoulder is way better. Shoulder season is almost over.

Hillary in 2016. Come on now.

Must switch back to a Mac. Egad. I've been whipsawed by platforms for years. Can't face it.

Limes are more expensive because of supply and demand, not because of taxes. Get it, yet?

We're going to Sweden shortly. It's all about Midsummer. Sad to fly. Why do we fly? Why aren't we sliding to Europe on magnets?

Water. Water. Just think about this: We are made of water, mostly. So every day, when you wake up, think about every action you take and ask, "What does this do to the water?"  If you worry about the water, more than anything else, the air will end up being taken care of, too. And the land. The water is where it all gets mixed.





Monday, June 09, 2014

Ready for More Enlightenment, Please

There were the Greeks.

The Renaissance.

The Age of Enlightenment.

The Sexual Revolution and Civil Rights movements of the mid to late 20th Century.

And now...we wait.  We wait for the next phase.

I hope it is math based with a great understanding of the human being's place in relation to nature. And that it celebrates, too, love, the kind of love that makes people calm and not so shut down and greedy.

Revolution of thought? Not really. Just a rejiggering.

Perhaps, too, in the understanding of math and the better qualities of humankind, people will be happy to repeal the second amendment of the American Constitution.

We can go to the next level. Don't you feel it?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Isn't This How You Feel?

Thanks, N.B.

Oh, Maureen...

Maureen Dowd got high and had the death trip. Sounds awful:

But let us remember, before we laugh at her too hard:

1) She really didn't know how much she was eating.
2) Marijuana IS a hallucinogen.

Friends, pot is here to stay.  Eat sparingly. Smoke smartly. And remember---if things get really bad, don't sit still. If you find yourself lying on the floor like Maureen, fingering your green corduroys, get the hell up and walk around and repeat to yourself over and over, "I am safe. This is temporary. I am safe. This is temporary."  And breathe. It will go away. Your heart will stop pounding. And there is no one who is really out to get you.

You know--our biobags are sensitive little things. We need to take care of them. Moderation.

Maureen--you made a big stupid mistake Bogey-ing that candy bar.  But I did like, for maybe the first time ever in your column, that you seemed vulnerable.  Maybe that's the lesson here:  Sometimes, you hit the edge of your personality and you find out that you are not in control and it is scary. And then, you get to be vulnerable. Which is good. And maybe what it took to get Maureen Dowd to get like that, publicly, was a nasty high gone wrong.

So glad she made it out alive. Hopefully, she won't be one of the very few who turn schizophrenic from a too solid dosing. I bet not. She sounds like a person who is all about cause and effect and its rational skeleton.

Or, maybe she'll conquer her dosing inadequacies and find her sweet spot and become a mild, sensual pothead. That would be interesting.

Pot: Sure.

"It's the tax revenue, stupid."

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Health, Money, Everything Else

I prioritize by making sure I am basically healthy, have some money rolling around and then...everything else.

I wish I lived in a democracy that would reflect my way of thinking.

But here, in the lower 48 and everywhere else we hang our flag, money comes first. And with that---comes illness.

Illness for the planet. Illness for human beings. Because the priority is simply wrong.

I do believe that Obama did the right thing by laying down the new "Fuck-You-Carbon" law. But it is going to be complicated. States will not meet the requirements. And then what? The state goes to jail?

Obama is cagey. He understands in our horrendous divided country that letting states do their thing is the way to go.  Eventually, we will have single payer (or close to it) healthcare.  Eventually, we will have a single system of cap and trade for Carbon and other horrors.  But to get there, he had to let the states have their little ways.

And that is the pain of democracy. Especially one that does not reflect my good scientific and humanitarian instincts.

Look, I am all for money. Lots of it for everyone. Sure. Let it rain coin.
But if you are dead, how will you ever spend it?

Clean up this air, these rivers, these oceans, the damn subway platforms. Clean it all up. We have the technology to do this today. If you work for a big coal company, just spend some time figuring out how to do something entirely different.  The closing of 550 coal plants is not going to cause the End-Of-Days. Frankly, gorgeous West Virginia could become a Safari Park of wild beasts. Do that, West Virginia. Learn how to care for your land. Get healthy, you Scots-Irish-English-German friends of West Virginia. Money will show up. And then, you can do everything else.

Health first.

New York in June

How About You?