Tuesday, September 11, 2018

America's Got Talent! Time to VOTE again! The Semi-Finals Live Show

TUESDAY, September 11, 8PM (7C)
AGT Semi-Finals!
Don't forget to vote for my beautiful husband and his beautiful choir, AGAIN, on Tuesday evening (tonight) on America's Got Talent!
The outcome of this round will be determined by your votes to send them to THE FINALS, so vote early and often. There are four ways to vote and you can vote for Angel City Chorale up to 10X with each method. Voting begins during the live broadcast and ends at 7AM Eastern Time the following morning (Wednesday).

I hope you enjoy the show. Choirs are cool again. YOU have always been cool.

Stuff the box:

1. Download the App!
The fastest and easiest way to vote and follow along with AGT.
2. Vote online

You can Vote 10X, easy, each time you sign in. The app and the online voting will remember your sign-ins, so you can just vote wherever is easiest for you. 

If you are A MANIAC, and I know you are...you can revote 10X each using different email logins for methods 1 and 2. You just keep signing in with the different email addresses you have hidden around all over the place and you can vote another 10 times using the new sign-in. It's not really stuffing the ballot box...it's more like, "network television enthusiasm."

3. Vote using the toll-free number provided during the broadcast.
You can vote this way 10X, but only 10X, assuming you only have one cell phone number. Just keep redialing. It costs nothing. You can do this in addition to the app and online methods.
PHONE NUMBER IS 1-866-60-AGT05      1-866-602-4805

4. Xfinity X1 customers can vote via their set-top box by saying "Vote for AGT" into the X1 voice remote or by pressing the remote's Info button.

And for Wednesday (a note from the choir):

Wednesday 9/12 - Semi-Final Results Show
If we end up in the middle (as we did during the quarter-finals), we'll urgently need your votes again for the Dunkin' Save during a half hour window between roughly 8:10PM - 8:40PM Eastern Time (5:10 PM - 5:40 PM Pacific). Make sure to have notifications turned on for the AGT App and check your email and our social media pages during this time! (There is no phone voting for the Dunkin' Save.)

(Again, for the Dunkin' Save, you can keep signing in using different email addresses on the app or online.)
We love you and thank you so much for your support during this mind-boggling odyssey.


A final note from me, Don, about all this voting stuff: Adam and I understand, like the rest of you, that this is all somehow seedy, cheesy, odd, and annoying to ask for your time to vote like an Irishman in 1960 Chicago. But here we are, living in this strange reality-tv world. Maybe you shouldn't vote. Maybe you should not watch the show. Maybe you should throw your television out the window and thank your good sense that you have freed yourself from all that is "screened" in our culture. I mean, of course. Take off your clothes! Run in the woods! Never look back!   Or...you could vote. Might be easier.