Thursday, June 30, 2011

Words From Our Cautious President

“I think what you’re seeing is a profound recognition on the part of the American people that gays and lesbians and transgender persons are our brothers, our sisters, our children, our cousins, our friends, our co-workers, and that they’ve got to be treated like every other American and I think that principle will win out…I think we’re moving in a direction of greater equality and — and I think that’s a good thing.”

What a pussy.

Would he have said the following, back in the day?

“I think what you’re seeing is a profound recognition on the part of the American people that black and mulatto and octoroon persons are our brothers, our sisters, our children, our cousins, our friends, our co-workers, and that they’ve got to be treated like every other American and I think that principle will win out…I think we’re moving in a direction of greater equality and — and I think that’s a good thing.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The New Yorker Hotel

At the corner of 34th and Eighth Avenue is the fine Art Deco building, The New Yorker Hotel---once fallen derelict and now in repair, it is the hotel where my grandmother and grandfather (Nanny and Poppa) spent their honeymoon.

I pass by the hotel all the time and it can be seen from many points west, being that it is pretty tall with not much obstructing it. Cool looking thing. I always think of Nanny when I see it. And I had never been in the lobby before.

So tonight, while passing by, I bounced in. It's pretty great looking.

I thought about how my grandparents must have decided upon this hotel because they were from Newark and Penn Station is right across the street. It was 1938. What did they know? It was probably the only hotel they'd ever seen, and very conveniently located. So they chose it.

Funny thing, honeymoons. And Newark. And Penn Station.

Went back out onto Eighth Avenue and I missed my grandmother who died twenty-two years ago, and kind of cried. Okay, I cried hard. Look, men cry over their Nannys. It happens.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Must Be Getting Old

I have come to discover the only thing to do when things do not go your way is to become exceptionally happy.

It means something so much better is about to happen.

Please, may I have some more?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Film Makers, Come On!

Mischief & Mayhem is a new independent publisher that was recently dubbed "the book industry's new danger brigade" by the New York Observer and covered by The Financial Times, O, the Oprah Magazine, Vanity Fair, The New York Times,The New Yorker, The Believer and others. Mischief & Mayhem's first book trailer, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JENNY X, was nominated for a MOBY award. (See below.) In October 2011, celebrated author Dale Peck publishes his first literary novel in 13 years, the dazzlingly inventive THE GARDEN OF LOST AND FOUND, a hypnotic, fierce work that explores a murderous passion between father and son. Already earning lavish praise from such authors as Joseph O'Neill (Netherland), THE GARDEN OF LOST AND FOUND is the story of a foster child, James Ramsay, who has never met his biological father. He grows to manhood in the shadow of AIDS and comes into a mysterious inheritance: a Manhattan antiques store, haunted by the spirit of his dead mother - and rumoured to contain a hidden treasure. James' odyssey takes him on a fever dream into the underbelly of New York City's AIDS epidemic - and deep into his own origins in a violent encounter with his past.

Dale Peck, novelist, critic, and columnist, is the author of ten works of fiction and nonfiction. His 2009 novel, Sprout, won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Children's/Young Adult literature, and was a finalist for the Stonewall Book Award in the Children's and Young Adult Literature category. He recently published Shift, a thriller he co-wrote with Tim Kring, the creator of Hereos. Visit for info.

Mischief and Mayhem's first book trailer

Moby Book Trailer Awards:
Here's 2011

And here's 2010

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York, We're in a Lovely State of Mind

Thank you to all human beings who went from beating me up in the Seventies to full acceptance in the Teens. It is completely wild to live through the embryonic stages of full evolution as the Nigger>Colored>Negro>Black>Human>and even possible president of the current era.

And thanks to Barry Manilow: "I made it through the rain." (Even though that song is, well, grotesquely cheese filled.) And all of the other people who were in, out, kicking down doors of closets during my life.

Friends in California, DO YOUR MAGIC in D.C.! Let's help the kids in Alabama, 'cause we sure as hell know the Alabamians aren't going to do it. And THANK YOU Massachusetts. Seven years ago, you really got it moving. We are proud to share a state border with you.

And sincere thanks to you Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa and Washington D.C., all of those great places that have committed to full equality for all people under the law. New Jersey, Maryland and Hawaii, please try harder.

This is a pride filled weekend. We are all insanely happy here in New York. The parade tomorrow is going to be, well, a bit much. As usual. But hell--what's a few bare asses in the face of such great news!

And now I am going to go beat the crap out of my future husband for not ringing out the sponge.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jim Crow Those Faggots is the Best They Can't Do

Republicans hate gay marriage. They want their jobs back. They are doing their best to keep it from coming to a vote.

The reason, they claim, is because they fear for the religious groups and quasi religious groups (say, Knights of Columbus) who could be sued if they denied a gay marriage on their premises.

You know, the Jim Crow thing. “Sure, you can eat lunch in this country, but not at every counter.”

Fine, Jim Crow it, losers. But at least let us eat.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Bottom Line

Though we are all used to the simplistic formula of counting profit when it comes to the bottom line, it is clearly time for a new bottom line.

Profit should make up a large portion, surely, since money is extremely countable and accountable.

But why not add other things into the mix using a scale that is weighted to the market? A number for sustainability, a number for healthfulness, a number for what-have-you…figure it out.

Let’s start THAT shadow economy. I would love a seat on that stock exchange.

The only reason why people act so greedy and moronic is because the agreed upon system is so outdated. People simply follow rules---because life, for most, is too hard to think about.

Elitists of the world---unite, please, and start the new economy. I’ll not print the money---but will happily help with the set up in any way I am capable.

Wholesale change is what I’m talking about. Like a revolution. Smart people can do it. We just have to do some fear mongering…about all the sick children with diabetes and the 1 out of every 166 babies born with autism and all that asthma.

A bottom line for life. Something like that.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Florida Dinner

Quote of the evening: "It's good for a chain."  Certainly.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Gay Marriage Mood from Florida

Furious as an ossified alligator! Set me free from decades of rock hard reptilian fury! Oh Albany Repubs, you know it's time. I'm swishing my scaly tail in your direction. Don't make me come up there...I'll eat your babies.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Window Washing

I washed my windows today. I know this is not news worth typing---but in a way it is.

I spend so much time writing scripts, shorts, you name it…and so I am always walking around in my slippers with all these problem solving story thoughts going on. It’s sort of exhausting. It looks like an easy life but it kind of saps ya.

Then, you get to do something physical! The change, it’s like a vacation.

And you end up with clean windows.

Look, we live in a world of specialization. It would be pretty great to be a generalist like people were in olden times. You might then have the chance to be balanced, not overusing or under using any skill.

But alas, we do not. The presumption that people are happiest doing the same type of thing every day according to their talents is sort of odd. I do not believe that variety is the spice of life. I believe variety is life.

But since I did not make the rules of society, I guess I’ll have to settle for just spice right now. And today’s spice was window washing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gay Marriage in The Empire State

Come on guys---One Vote Away means it is here.

Just do it.

And fuck that fucking Bible.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Very Important Things

Please watch both of these videos. The first is the intro and roadside belief system for us all.

The second is a call out to my friend, Mink, who needs your support for her cool music.

Come on! It’s the new world, the one where we all believe in ourselves and help others to make it all come true.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gays of New York Unite

Today is my parents’ fifty-third wedding anniversary. Even though my father is Irish and my mother is Italian, they were allowed to marry back in 1958.

And now for something completely less mixed: Boys with boys and girls with girls. Even in Yonkers!

Look, Cuomo wants it, the populace wants it, hell, even a load of Republican Reps want it. Chances are good this will happen just before they get the hell out of dodge for the summer.

Exciting? Yes. But my life has been full of so many gay disappointments, I must not count my pink triangled chickens before they hatch.

But math almost has it. Down to a couple of senators. Their constituents seem to be saying, “Aw hell, let the homos have it. And maybe they can do something pretty with this Erie Canal.”

If I ever marry my Recognized-by-the-state-of-California-Domestic-Partner Adam here in this city of rampant business and ugly sounding voices, my man will then be referred to as my Recognized-by-the-state-of-New-York-Husband. Simpler sounding, though the former sounds so awkward, it begs for a Federal repeal of the Defense of Marriage Schmact.

Come on Albany! Send some good news down the Hudson.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spend Now So You Don't Have to Later

Stop buying those awful strawberries with the white centers that were made in a lab FOR THE PURPOSE of TRANSPORT, but not for taste and nutrition.

Buy organic. I don’t care how expensive it is. If you buy organic, you are voting with your wallet, diminishing funding for chemical filled empty food and setting up a better future for your health, the health of your children and the earth. Plus, it tastes so much better.

Over time, the cost of organic food will decrease because we are all funding this growth business. Do it at your local supermarket. The more you buy it there, the more the local supermarkets will order it, the cheaper it will become.

You deserve delicious food. Start with fruits and vegetables. Just commit to it. Come on. You can do it.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Different Dreads

People run around like lunatics. “It’s just crazy. I’m so busy.” This may stave off the anxiety of not-having-enough.

Or not.

Something bigger may cause this out of control train behavior.

I think of the Europeans I know, some Asians, stressed too, but not as crazy upset, overall, as we tend to be. Additionally, they are more morbid, or honest, about the truth of their demise---as a person, a species. They’ve been through a lot. Now, it’s just all about living well enough to feel life and to know that death is imminent.

In some ways---Americans seem to have it harder. Are more ramped up. Eat shittier. Work longer hours. Have less deep but more relationships. Is this frenzy, which looks difficult at the surface, easier to maintain than a calm acknowledgement of exisitence-death?

Seems to me.

We are so immature. But damn creative.

Calm us, Jesus.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Normal Heart

Saw it. Liked it. Loved Ellen Barkin, Patrick Breen and Jim Parsons.

Big angry play…and rightfully so.

I saw AS IS years ago and I was confused and thought I had seen THE NORMAL HEART already. Awful, right? Like someone confusing Judy Collins for Joni Mitchell…

My very good friend, DY, started this whole thing in Los Angeles as a reading to raise money. Now look at it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Check in with Yourself

Have you changed?

It’s always good to take the Myers Briggs Test again! Summer’s here. You might want to take a course. You’re thinking of a career change. You want that new horse but are wondering if it really is something you should be doing…you hate yourself and you want to figure out why. You name it.

I’m an ENFP. No matter how many times I take the test it never changes.

So go ahead and check in with yourself. It’s the ultimate Cosmo quiz. And hell---self knowledge at any time is good for you. Accept your inner animal. It’s what all the jazzy kids are doing.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

Monday, June 06, 2011


Remember this about summer---as soon as The Fourth of July arrives, it's almost over.

Le Mofo Mit le Chapeau

You know, I was not interested in seeing this play, The Motherf**ker with the Hat.

Someone said something about, “All that screaming and the cursing. Who wants to hear all that cursing?”

Well, it turns out, I DO!

The play was fantastic. Simple story of betrayal between friends with their girlfriends. But that was not really the important part of it. The important part was the language. The rapid fire, I’m going at you, full tilt, some sort of 1975 thing, but more self aware, raw, low class, sweaty, “When you gonna get me that two family house in Yonkers?” kind of smart train wreck.

It was tight.

It is worth seeing.

It made clear that recovery is anything but, that life is harsh.

The cast is brilliant. Booby Cannevale is full-on. Chris Rock plays a great smoothie. And then there’s Yul Vazquez, the weird cousin. More please. Elizabeth Rodriguez screams herself horse but rides like a young colt. Annabella Sciorra, well, guess she needed a gig. But she was good. Fine.

I didn’t get for a minute that anyone really loved anyone. The anger and disappointment stuff were the primary notes. Whole tones here. Again, didn’t matter---because the writing was so good and the acting was, if not nuanced, damn focused.

Stephen Adly Guirgis has a great name and a great talent. Anna D. Shapiro directed it tight and ballsy.

Glad they did this thing. It was one of the most vital things I’ve seen in a long time.

Not too much changed. Everyone learned a little bit, practiced being a person another bit of time. Poetic. Gray and dirty. See it. And see it with this cast.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Swiss Pics Instant Coco

Swiss 1

Swiss 2

Geneva > Annecy-Talloires, France > Cartigny-Satigny > Gruyeres > Berner Oberland

Cheesy fine.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Is it Possible to Complain? (Help us Al Gore...)

Switzerland was beautiful, clean, on time, loaded with trains, cog trains, high wire acts, tunnels, and my favorite middle Europa thing: ham, cheese and good bread six meals a day.

Plus, the people are easy going. At least, all the people I met.

The trip ended with us flying right into the unstable air of Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. The plane plummeted many times---you know that feeling. And everyone sort of screams a little. (Then, I just continue to moan…) Something funny was happening as we were crossing the Atlantic. The sky just got full of weather so we went up to 40,000 feet. This usually means that coming back down is going to be nasty. And it was.

All I could think of was, “This air is so unstable and it’s because we have heated up the earth too much with all of our equipment. And here I am in an aluminum hell tube and I am only making matters worse. How many dead dinosaurs did we burn getting here today? And isn’t this very thing I am doing, riding jets, making the world worse so that riding jets ends up being so incredibly uncomfortable?”

I am no fan of flying. I am especially no fan of flying around during toradoes-in-June-in-New-England. Nasty.

The following video sums up the trip. It was spectacular, until the very end. My audible reaction at the end of this seven second clip was caused by the realization I had pushed some button on my smartypants phone by mistake. Or something. There is an honesty to the groan.

Look---there is just so much we can control.