Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weiner Outrage

Men are simply writing this guy off as an official loser.

Women, too, are writing him off. But not without first screaming their fury.

Sexed up Weiner, sure, is a disaster. But why get so angry about it?

I believe women still are furious that men are, basically, pigs.

Can you be furious at a certain kind of animal because they are born with a flat nose, cloven hooves and a curly tail?  I guess so.

Ladies, Weiner is a disaster. Mostly because of his extremely poor judgment. But as far as his philandering in this no-flesh kind of way? I have a feeling you are barking up a tree that reminds you of some other trees. Sorry he hurt you.

I cannot apologize for the piggishness of men. It's just biology. Sure, a mind can oppress biological impulses. (Just ask the British how it's done.)  But that's actually not a favored state of mind.

My suggestion, and it has already been taken by a whole bunch of women: become pigs, too. Then, you won't even notice. Piggishness is bliss.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Every Fight on Earth is about Two People Wanting More.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Love on Earth

One of the best things about New York (and one of the worst) is that there are people absolutely everywhere. (Hey you, get out from under my desk.)

But the good thing about seeing all these people all the time is the regularization of love. First of all, old timey bigots, there are so  many interracial couples walking around that I don't even think you can call them interracial any longer. I think what you have to say when you see a couple with differing melanin content is, "Hey, there goes a couple of people."

At dinner tonight, at a plain old restaurant, gay couples were sitting around. One guy leaned across the table to another guy, kissed him on the mouth to assert warmth and what looked like long-time comfort, and then they embarked on the plain old task of looking at their menu.

At a wedding recently (in someone's apartment) a verbose straight banker man, expat from Britain, effusively talked about his amazing wife (originally from Finland) who was, as it turns out, an Amazon of a transsexual. She was warm and fabulous. At one point, the banker did turn to us, drunk and said, "Yes, she's one of those..." as if it needed explaining. He was so in love with  his wife, one wonders how he could ever have lived without her in some oppressive regime such as, I don't know, 1990's Mississippi?

And there it all is---in addition to all the other people we are used to seeing all loving and hooked up. And funny, all you feel when you see all this love is good.

I have often felt annoyed when people have referred to gay relationships in a positive way saying, "Love is Love," because the truth is, at least for me, my sexual attraction was well in place before I felt any romantic love. I always wanted to say, "Get real, is about the sex, not so much about the love."  But I'm kind of immature.

But lately, during these warm summer nights...with everyone's flesh on display in every color, gender, and who-knows-what-else, all I see is love. And it's, well, it's just sweet. There's a simplicity and sweetness to it. It feels normal. And right. And lovely.

How did anyone ever think that any of any of that was ever a problem?

Be gone, all negative hexes and spells from before 2013.  Ah, lucky, lucky 13.

Love is all there is. Right? Sure. It's so easy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clearing the Baffle: Weiner's Wife

Oh the chattering class--

And no one understands why Weiner's Wife is so loyal.

Let me tell you what's going on.

1) He has a decent (though public) dick.

2) She's not getting any younger.

3) And she has her own problems. To wit:  If she sends me one more text of her tits, I'm not going to vote for her for longest-long-suffering-wife.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer is Over

Every year, it's the same. Fourth of July comes and the next thing you know---Labor Day is barreling down at you.

HOWEVER, is this not even more reason to remain present, in the moment, not worrying too much about how the time is passing?

I have always been a bit time-passing obsessed.

I remember being a kid, maybe 5 or 6, and talking to my brother about "The Good Old Days."
Understandable, I guess, since we moved when I was 5 and I probably missed the old homestead.
But still, "The Good Old Days?"

I was terrified in my twenties, when my hair started to recede some, that I was going to be completely bald by 29. Wrong. I'm just a bit haggard all around, now.

And I, like others, do worry about getting old and dying. But WTF can you do about that, really? Except eat right, exercise, work well, have fun and love as best you can...  Face things as they come.

I will never read everything I want to read. I will never do everything I want to do.


I now have exactly one minute to get over it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Best Stereotypical Gay Line Yet

Talking to my good straight friend, J, today...I asked him if he still had my aerobed in his house since a visit is upcoming. He said yes and also that he recently used it for a guest.  But there was terrible trouble. It wouldn't hold the wind. He finally realized he had to close the large cap at the bottom (which you simply undo to let all the air out).

And he said, "I realized that if something was broken it was my fault, because whenever a gay man gives you something, you know if anything is wrong, it's you."


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here Lies Love

Strongly enjoyed Here Lies Love at the Public...David Byrne wrote it, Alex Timbers directed it, Annie-B Parson choreographed, starring Ruthie Ann Miles as Imelda Marcos.

It is, of course, an Eva Peron kind of story. But what they did here was you were in the crowd, like at a disco (and eventually as part of the final peaceful revolution) moving as orange jumpsuit clad helpers twirled the platforms into different formations. (I say this for those who aren't in New York and haven't already read about this play 100 times.)

There were very beautiful songs with lovely harmonies.

The acting and singing by the all-Asian cast was full-blown spectacular.

There were graphics and very intricate movements.

We were all mostly on the dance floor, watching the play on platforms above our heads. It was a great way to experience a show. It felt very much like how it feels when you are a kid and you just turn your room into the play area.

The story revealed nothing new.

Side note: My mother, for many years, worked for a Filipino couple who were friends with Aquino. It was a grim day when he was killed. He was warned not to return. I remember being a kid and mistakenly thinking that he was shot in Boston, where he took off from.

And what about Imelda's shoes?  Well, in real life, they moldered and were tossed.

But back to the play.

It was the music, really, that wins. The staging was fun. The story was what it was. But the music, well, it was a great combination of disco, Byrne, musical theater and very surprising harmonies.

My question about a musical is always---How is the music? Because the form presses wrongly against subtle smart storytelling, so in my view, music is the thing.

And this music is great.

The shenanigans with all the platforms being so intricately changeable was a bit over wrought. And the ending was a bit of a folk guitar letdown. But the color, the love, the joy of these people all coming to life, then being oppressed and then getting themselves to rise up peacefully and's pretty triumphant.

Cool idea. It will probably open at a bigger venue.

Imelda did it all for love. I really think she probably believes it. She just didn't know that she, as a poor girl getting all that money would end up misbehaving so cravenly and selfishly. She learned it from America. And then she went past many points of even our low edge of decency.

But the play manages to show her in a fun light.

Well done.

(I hate being forced to dance in public...)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Mid-July Questions

Why are the Chinese still smoking so much?

A fisherman once told me that all the guts of a fish are in its head...I know he's wrong, but why did he say that?

What is ink made out of these days?

If I am ugly and there is no one around to see it, am I beautiful?

Why do people accuse others of not seeing a situation intelligently for holding onto their cemented views while they are doing the exact same thing?

Is it really okay to accept the growth model?

I would love to bet against population growth and become rich on the short side, possible?

If life isn't fair, and it isn't, what is behind this need of Lefty people to even try to even things out?

As people recognize less facial cues as a result of time spent staring at screens, will they eventually become completely poker faced?

When we find life on other planets, would the best moral thing to do be to leave them alone?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


How it is, how it could be…

Rightly, I hear that even if we outlawed handguns, there are so many on the streets that it would be impossible to gather them all up.

So what?

So what if it would be impossible? Maybe not all of them would be collected. However, if it were illegal to carry a gun except for during hunting season, and you had to borrow that gun (sign it out), that could work. So there would be far fewer guns. And thus, fewer deaths by guns.

The second amendment is brutal and old.

In fact, it may be time for a new Constitution. Most new countries model their Constitution on Canada’s, not ours. Ours is old and hard to amend and does not guarantee enough rights from the get-go.

Wipe it clean. Make a new one. And get the guns out of it. That’s my vote.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Racial Profiling

I have to say, I wasn’t there that night when Z. killed our current poster child for race trouble.

Nor was I there when O.J. was flying around in his car, running away from the police.

Or when Rodney King…

Or when--

Or when--

Or when--

Or when—

Based on simple math, African American men are profiled more than any other kind of person in this country.  This appears to be a fact. Unless, of course, the liberal media is skewing the numbers.  ;)

I just wish there were cameras set up at every single point on earth so we could all be watched every second so there would never be any doubt about who did what. Then, we wouldn’t have to rely on what is, frankly, a ridiculous judicial system. I mean, really.

I hate the idea of being constantly recorded and monitored…or do I?

Scorched earth policy please. The old ways don’t work. Let pragmatism reign. Film it all. Discuss.

Optional Topic: When is it okay to kill someone?

Sunday, July 07, 2013

After the Chairs July 10, 13 Evening, July 14 Afternoon

Hello Friends, Blog Readers, Random Searchers, Gay friendly fiends and those who like things inspired by Ionesco.

David Koteles, who had a cult smash with his Bald Diva (Based guessed it The Bald Soprano) has returned with AFTER THE CHAIRS, inspired by Ionesco's The Chairs, of course, but rather gay and wild and a few other things.

I am in this play. It's a two hander. Part of the Fresh Fruit Festival. This Wednesday evening is opening. Saturday evening it runs. And Sunday afternoon is closing...Three performances that may collide with an open slot in your calendar.

It has been completely enjoyable to work on. It's a wild, fun and challenging play and I am glad to take a crack at this kind of thing. It's up my tree.

Historical note: I acted in Paris for a while, was the King in Exit the King and had a long lunch with Eugene Ionesco and his wife. Interesting days. The absurdists were a despairing bunch. Thank goodness they were funny.

So come on down to the Lower East Side...and check it out...if your beachy summer permits. At the Wild Project as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival. 195 East Third Street. July 10 @ 7PM, July 13 @ 7PM, July 14 @ 4:30 PM

Info here:

Buy Tix for July 10, 13 or 14:

OvationTix for After the Chairs

After the Chairs Invite on Facebook

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Monday, July 01, 2013

Them Millennials Won't Hunt

It warms my heart that the young adults of today do not like to drive, want to live in dense locations and pretty much are happy with a laptop/pad/phone.

If the lure of ownership dies a timely death…what will we have but people who are doing every single thing they can to live in a non-ownership world…The cycle will take off. It is the new economy.

And then, well, then it only gets better. Less fossil fuels. Less nature destroyed. Of course, electricity consumption will continue to increase. But these kids will be so busy figuring out how to make extremely efficient machines---that run on wind, water, air and sun---that it won’t be a problem.

It’s coming.

People who hold people back all have one thing in common: They are noncreative. Committed to the past and silly old habits of consumption, they drag the world down.

See you later, dogs. I’m going with the kids.