Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Book Tour and a Little Kirkus for You

Hello Friends, Readers, and people who ended up here by mistake,

Bent But Not Broken hits the road in April for a book tour. Where are we going?

New York, Minneapolis, Santa Barbara and West Hollywood

Please RSVP to any and all events below.

(Do try to buy from a bookstore. Especially if you are coming to one of the bookstore events. Please.)

The lovely Kirkus Review here.

Have a great day. Stay sexy and healthy.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kirkus Review

   All of it   

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Release, Buy, Review, and a Blown Manhole Cover

We had a great time at the Skylight Books Launch of Bent But Not Broken Friday night.
About 100 people were there. Okay, maybe 96.
Many books were sold, signed and spilled on.

Right after, as the cleaning up was in full force, there was an explosion and two seconds later the sound of a manhole cover clanging onto asphalt. A transformer blew out underground. All the lights went out on Vermont Avenue and the street filled with smoke. Felt a bit LA-apocalyptic. But many of us lived through the Northridge Quake of '94, so we would probably get through this. And we did! Thank you Kelsey and David for setting up this event, a huge thanks to Noel Alumit for hosting, to Lou Dimaggio for taking pics and for the hilarious assistance of Gordon Henderson and Madelynn Fattibene! What a treat.

A few pics for you.

In the meantime, if you haven't already and it feels like the right thing to do today:

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NYTimes Personal Health column by Jane Brody w/ Don Cummings



Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Launch and Release

 Bent But Not Broken Releases this Friday, March 15.

All parties, options to purchase, press, you name it, can be found at doncummings.net.

The LA Launch party is at Skylight Books.

Thank you for all your support. Writing a book and then getting it published takes many years (at least for me). It has been an enjoyable ride. I am grateful. Now I would love people to take a gander at the pages.

Feel free to download this pic, a fine square, and post it Friday morning wherever Social Media takes you!  Thank you and please stay sexy, healthy and open to some form of joyful possibilities. :)


Thursday, March 07, 2019

Getting it For Free: A Little Healthcare

Last night, we slept in our bed covered with an extra sheet and a few towels after I removed other slimy sheets and soft-food-cube-covered towels because my dog had puked all over the comforter, herself and the rug.  3AM.

But hold tight, because this is a P.S.A.

Maude, the cutest and sweetest, has an infection because of her urinary bladder stones. Not uncommon in a poodle-bichon mix. All this inbreeding gets you to some good places and some really bad places. She was put on some very strong antibiotics and these did not agree with her. (We switched to milder antibiotics today. No more puking.)

These damn bladder stones, first, you just hope the stones are Struvite, which are very soft and can be melted with a special diet. We tried that. And some stones did melt. But the mother stone, the one in the X-Ray that looks like a space ship coming in for a landing, that one wouldn’t change, so that means that stone is made from good old fashioned, hard, nasty calcium, which cannot be melted.

This causes trouble for the pooch. First of all, she struggles to pee. Secondly, she gets infections. Then, she needs antibiotics for the infections. This is a common problem and we just have to fix it. The fix? She needs to be ripped open like a melon and have the stones all taken out, then she gets sewn back up, and then she’ll be as good as new. It’s a very common surgery. Usually there are no complications. All will be fine, I assume.

But how much did you say this will cost? Well, I live in LA, so it’s $2200, all in.
I’m in no mood. So I asked how insurance works, payment plans, all that. Insurance is just like the old timey human kind: preexisting conditions are not covered. Payment plans are like something out of a 1950s TV show and they do not exist in this office in Hancock Park. But there is this thing my vet offered, my friends: CareCredit

Fab! You can use it for pets, and for yourself. You get a credit card—it’s very quick and easy to do online—and then you can get up to a year or two with small monthly payments to pay off your surprise expense with no interest. It’s good for copays and deductibles. You name it. Yes, animals and people can both use this credit card to get free money to take care of their health. It’s worth it. Get a card today. You can finally take care of that “thing” you’ve been meaning to fix for the past two years but you didn’t want to pay your high deductible at this time. The website is in very plain English. You do need to do a search to see if your preferred physician will accept this card. But many do. 

Grab a card. What the heck. We were given $4500 in interest free money. Nice thing to have. For your dog. Yourself. Your cat. Even your horse. Take care of your damn horse!

Maude is all for fiscal responsibility, healthy cash flow, and a clean bill of health. And so are we.
Sleep, calmly, in clean puke-free sheets and know that sometimes, there is a little help just around the corner.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

March 15 Los Angeles Book Launch / BENT Availability

The Launch

Hello Friends,
Friday March 15 is almost here. Please come enjoy the launch party at Skylight Books and buy your signed copy.   RSVP   Skylight, and all independent bookstores, are the coolest places on earth. When I was a kid I either wanted to go to a bookstore, a record store or the aquarium store. Record stores have become very specific, aquarium stores are a bit freakish with their fish prisons, but bookstores--what a treat. My favorite place to spend time. They have everything. Thank you Noel, Kelsey and David at Skylight Books for having the launch party for BENT BUT NOT BROKEN. I also want to thank my editor, Naomi Rosenblatt, at Heliotrope Books, and the never ending wild-fire ride with Louise Crawford and Linda Quigley at Brooklyn Social Media. Thank you Anne Edelstein. And thank you followers. You haven't unfollowed! I'm lucky and grateful.



Did you know if you are not near Skylight Books in Los Angeles on the 15th and you want to buy BENT BUT NOT BROKEN, you can pre-order it right now on AMAZON or Barnes&Noble?



In the News

Martha Kempner at Rewire.News and I had a great talk. She's so smart and interested. She is an advocate for healthy sex and public policy around sexual and reproductive issues. You can read her great piece right here: This Week in Sex: The Penis Problems Edition.

And in case you missed it: The New York Times, Personal Health column by Jane Brody


Go be healthy and happy. Enjoy our last big week of rain in Southern California. See you on the Fifteenth!