Thursday, June 05, 2014

Oh, Maureen...

Maureen Dowd got high and had the death trip. Sounds awful:

But let us remember, before we laugh at her too hard:

1) She really didn't know how much she was eating.
2) Marijuana IS a hallucinogen.

Friends, pot is here to stay.  Eat sparingly. Smoke smartly. And remember---if things get really bad, don't sit still. If you find yourself lying on the floor like Maureen, fingering your green corduroys, get the hell up and walk around and repeat to yourself over and over, "I am safe. This is temporary. I am safe. This is temporary."  And breathe. It will go away. Your heart will stop pounding. And there is no one who is really out to get you.

You know--our biobags are sensitive little things. We need to take care of them. Moderation.

Maureen--you made a big stupid mistake Bogey-ing that candy bar.  But I did like, for maybe the first time ever in your column, that you seemed vulnerable.  Maybe that's the lesson here:  Sometimes, you hit the edge of your personality and you find out that you are not in control and it is scary. And then, you get to be vulnerable. Which is good. And maybe what it took to get Maureen Dowd to get like that, publicly, was a nasty high gone wrong.

So glad she made it out alive. Hopefully, she won't be one of the very few who turn schizophrenic from a too solid dosing. I bet not. She sounds like a person who is all about cause and effect and its rational skeleton.

Or, maybe she'll conquer her dosing inadequacies and find her sweet spot and become a mild, sensual pothead. That would be interesting.

Pot: Sure.

"It's the tax revenue, stupid."

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