Monday, March 27, 2006

The Irish

Uncle Eddie died of lung cancer when in his forties. After WWII, he moved in with his parents and never left again.

Grandma and Grandpa Cummings (Louise Veronica Dietrich and Joseph Alyosius Cummings) did not have teeth for as long as I could remember.
Together, they made delicious turnips, mashed potatoes and Legs of Lamb.


HelenBach said...

You realize you are like my morning paper. I come in, I log on, I check my email and then I go to Open Trench. It's a ritual at this point.
Who's in the front of this group? If you say Sally, I don't believe it.
And, finally, I've never had turnips, they are in abundance in JHeights right now and I was wondering if you knew how to cook them.
Otherwise, amazing picture and great caption, as always.

Rebecca Waring said...

This is such a sweet picture. So did they come from Ireland? Or was that a long time ago?

Don Cummings said...

The Cummings clan originally came from Ireland, but my grandparents were born here. The Great Grandparents were all born in Ireland (except August Dietrich, who was born in Germany).

The girl up front is my sister Sally. I am in the striped tie. My brother, Greg, is next to Uncle Eddie.

Though that is the living room sofa we are sitting on, it is also Grandpa Cummings' bed where he slept every night.