Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Corn, Over My Dead Body?

Why get behind all that corn for fuel? It takes so much energy to grow.

Biomass (carbon based refuse) really is the way to go. We can turn anything into fuel. And frankly, I think we should start with dead bodies.

Imagine yourself being used to get someone across town! The precious holiness that one projects upon a corpse could be used in a much more rational way: Is this trip to Ralph's really worth a portion of this dead man's life?

Side Note: My idea of moving tunnels for the movement of goods under every road, house, business and store has yet to take off. One could just bar code the boxes and palates and they would be automatically switched to where they need to go. And the tunnel sections would only turn on if there were goods that were going in that direction. This underground transportation network could also be used for garbage. This massive, well coordinated system could be fueled by my dead body.



HelenBach said...

Needless to say this is by far my favorite entry. Ever. And I'd be really bummed out if someone used my body for a trip to WalMart. That would suck. Big time.

Holly Sheppard said...

Life is becoming longer. People are taking a longer time to die. What if eventually we relied on poor countries where people die young for lack of medicine and then the leaders started hiking up the cost of dead people and then suddenly we were all locked up in our homes for fear of being killed for gas to go to Wal-mart. I just started grinding my teeth.

Dan said...

If you were running low on fuel, could you just cut your arm off and toss it in the tank?