Sunday, June 04, 2006

Paris Under Ice? Very Inconvenient

Look, it's no big deal. With some changes, we can solve our global warming crisis. Go to ClimateCrisis.Net
and you can figure out lots of things. Like how much carbon you are putting into the environment. And what you can do to decrease your load. I was at about 12,800 lbs. Lower than average, but still, what am I? Some kind of belching ruminant?

A few things really hit me about this movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

1) All scientists agree that global warming is happening at a rate that is out of synch with the natural cycle of the earth.

2) Al Gore is doing an amazing job.

3) The ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland really are breaking up, heat boring through the glaciers making them look like Swiss cheese, and if huge chunks fall off, we will have flooding across the world that will create a refugee catastrophe.

4) Changes in ocean currents can cause an ice age.

5) This is all happening now.

What is wonderful, though, is the earth takes care of itself. You know, people think it's so awful when millions of people die. But if a system is out of balance, it will naturally correct itself. So, if we cause this out of control warming situation (much like dinosaurs might have done with all their living) then, eventually, the system changes. It seems to me that we, as a species, are motivated by acquisition. It's ludicrous. And if people won't stop overpopulating and only spend their lives trying to figure out how much crap they can acquire, how much they can build, how far they can go, how many births they can cause, then severe storms, floods and ice ages are possibly the perfect barriers to slow them down!

The natural cycle we are in could be one of overpopulation followed by a massive die-off. It's horrible yet kind of interesting.

The balancing act, however, can be brought about by our own intelligence and will to change instead of by violent forces of this planet’s atmosphere pushed to its limits. What are we going to do? It’s fascinating.

Tell all your intelligent friends to go see this movie. But then, do the hard work. Tell your not-so intelligent friends to see it, too.

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Rebecca Waring said...

I don't get it - I was at 14800. I thought it would be MUCH lower. So I suspected it was my car, which is a 1999 Toyota Rav4 with manual transmission. So I plugged in a Corolla instead but that only dropped it by 200. You know what the biggest difference is between me and Don? The state we live in. When I switched my state from Maryland to California, my score dropped by 400 - to 10800. But here's the real kicker. I used my old house which was mostly natural gas. My new house is heated by electricity. I had to estimate the average monthly bill based on what the power company said I could pay if I wanted the bill averaging service they provide ($99). That caused my score to go to 23400!! Evidently, Maryland sucks at regulating their coal-burning power plants. Well, that will change because our Republican governor is going to be shown the door. So I kept everything the same and switched to California - it dropped to 13800. I can't believe that some states are doing such a better job than others. So out of curiousity, I tried Texas and Utah - seriously red states. And my score shot to over 30,000. So personal habits make a difference, but legislation makes a MUCH bigger difference! VERY interesting. Thanks Don. Me, I sort of welcome the die-off. I'll go if called.