Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Innocence of Muslims You Tuber:

It's so bad, stupid and poorly made, the only reason anyone would kill over this thing is because they must be complete idiots. I mean, if it had been a mouth oriented Scheize video where Mohammed eats the shit out of Jesus' ass and then pukes it up into Buddha's mouth, maybe, just maybe, one might think one stepped over the line a tad... but even then, any intelligent Muslim, or even a foolish fundamentalist, would realize that someone was being childish, that Western Culture is not discerning when it comes to its low end entertainment. A leaked rumor to the religionists of this world: I hear Universal Studios, sanctioned by the U.S. government, is releasing a movie in early 2013 where the Virgin Mother Mary rides Mohammed using pig blood for lubricant that she got from the drippings of his Cuban sandwich, while six self righteous West Bank Settlers are forced to wrap her thighs in bacon. Enough with your piety, oh backward fable worshippers. Your beliefs are not religion. They are just the mind set that gives you the right to enjoy the brain chemical rush of your murderous rages and domination over others. We have had enough of you.

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