Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Money: Change.

All these years, man to the moon and all that, and still---we cannot fix our monetary policy so that poverty never happens?

Seems absurd.

First step: stop with all the birthing, ye fecund loonies on earth. Plateau, please.

Second: Manage the building of houses and buildings, food and utilities, education and healthcare in a big ol' collectivist socialist way---but instead of making everything as cheap as possible, SPEND ALMOST EVERY DIME WE HAVE on them--so that no one is really poor, ever, in the main areas.

Third: The limited amount of money left for luxury goods, boats and things--will make the rich people feel extra rich if they can afford those things.  Deprivation: it does a greedy soul good.

Fourth: This spot left blank for you

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