Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Iran, such Art

We finally watched A SEPARATION, the 2012 Oscar winner for best foreign film (and nominated for best original screenplay).

It's been on my list. You know that list. The one you make and you swear you're going to get to them. Books. Music. Movies. Mercy Killings.

This movie!  You really have to see it if you like any of the following:

Very surprising but believable plot turns
Great acting
A different culture where the human beings are pretty much the same as you or I, but suffering under a strange system
A really fresh thing, overall

I can't really say anything at all about the plot. It would be one spoiler after another. It does start like this:  The wife wants to leave Iran. The husband cannot because of his ill father. The daughter is torn. Someone is hired to help around the house.  Things get complicated.

I have to give this movie five stars and a lamb shank. It is harrowing. And brilliant. And ancient. And new.

It's on iTunes for like four bucks.

It doesn't pay to make art any longer. But it sure is fun when something this good can stream right in your living room and no one (except for me, once) is texting.

Watch it. You know you missed it back in 2012. (It was officially released in the U.S. in 2011)

Tell me how much you love it.

And while we're at it, let's get back to this truth:

Best damn movie, kind of, ever.

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