Thursday, October 02, 2014

Homeland: Haul Out your Ipads for SHO SYNC!


Haul out your iPads and download the Sho Sync App and watch Homeland while your iPad interacts with it and asks you all sorts of questions and offers up all kinds of bonus goodies! Interactive television is here.

Why? You ask?

Because my hubby makes all this magic happen and it's really quite something. When he tells me about how it's done (uses similar technology as Shazam to hear what is happening and then knows exactly what to do from the sound of the show)...and how the material is all put together...and how the broadcast all happens from the ground, getting beamed up to a satellite and then brought to you by your cable or dish source...I mean, it's wild.

Of course, he does the content. He's no techie.  But really, is it that this is all even possible?

I remember when cable television first came into existence. My best friend from high school, Bruce, got it. HBO. I was shocked. Shocked! A movie? A good one? In your HOUSE? My fave was When a Stranger Calls

Homeland premieres this go on!  Give it a whack!

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