Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Religion: Possible Insanity

We live in a country where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. Thank goodness.

It doesn't always hold up, but most of us get to toodle along believing in whatever the hell we want about life and death, the cause of the universe, where love comes from, ethics, etc.

I have a few friends that are religious---and their whole shebang, whether Jesus based or not--is based on love. And to them I say, KEEP ON LOVING.  It's lovely.

But then there are these other people, you know who they are-- The dogma people. The wretched control people. The attacks on those who are different:  From the nutty uniformed Mormon HouseFrau who hates her gay son to the caliphate seeking ISIS folks who are simply vicious and deadly.

Couldn't we gather up all the people who are still involved with religion who actually believe in love and acceptance and ask them to all get together and simply make a uni-religion called "The Love People?"  Or something much better sounding than that?  Chuck all the old stories as nothing but fables? And have the Love People just talk about love. Simply enough.

You don't need a Jesus or a Buddha or a Hindu God to love. You just have love. It's a primate thing. Dogs have it, too. It simply exists. Of course, there is also rage and destruction...so focusing on love is probably not a bad idea.  We may as well have that as a something we aspire to. It is the better energy.

So many religious stories are so hurtful, the pain inflicted so enormous, I do believe, with respect to my friends who are so loving in their religious way, that it is time to evolve away from these old forms.  These old stories. These old cautionary tales. We got what we needed. Simplify. Get rid of the us and them.

If this destroys cultures as we knew them...so what?

Yeah--Revolution.  I'm not leading it. I'm just suggesting it.

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