Friday, September 09, 2005

Flooded with Thoughts as the World Falls Out

I think people do feel that it is a time of apocalypse. I know I can't be alone in this opinion.

I think it must be impossible to wake up in the morning as a right wing prick and look at the shape of the world, this country, without feeling like somehow you were really wrong about everything.

I think change is coming not by the will of a few horribly greedy men, but by nature's corrections.

They are pumping complete pollution into Lake Pontrachain.

Our deficit cannot hold. We owe our asses to China.

What happened to the fun Clinton years?

I think I have O.C.D. I have to force myself to throw out unread newspapers and magazines. This behavior stems from a need to read, and to a lesser degree, a need to use the goods that show up at the doorstep, to not just toss them. Or maybe I just have O.C.D.

And I'm a hand washer. Though, in my defense, since I began the practice, I have not been ill with a cold once. This has been almost one year.

My Recognized-by-the-State-of-California-Domestic-Partner Adam cries a lot about the dying pets in New Orleans.

We have only donated $50 to Katrina (matched by 50 more). That's pathetic. But somehow, call me a bitch, I feel like the government should pay for this. I don't think we should. I think if the government had not decided to destroy the economy and if they had not tried to dismantle the government for their own filthy aims, then there would be money there and it could be spent on this enormous disaster.

Besides, We're on our way to New York to seal the deal on our new apartment.

These are confusing times. Which is a euphemism for, "The Shit Really Has Hit the Fan. Who's going to pay the most?"

Death, it seems, is what people understand. Death. Not incremental steps that lead up to death, no, that's too subtle. Can't be bothered with that. But big Death? People get big Death.


Rebecca Waring said...

The 'Christians' think it's the Apocalypse because of us - the Heathens. A rational thought never enters their heads about bad leadership. Overwhelming empirical evidence does not trouble the mind of the religiously addicted. And I'm upset about the pets too. I gave $25 to the Humane Society. And $25 to the Red Cross even though Where the Hell were they? And $25 to the - belive it or not - Christian Life Center. A woman at my office has family in N.O. and that was her church collecting and the money was going right to the family. And they're black and for some really odd reason black Christians don't bother near as much as the white ones. Go figure.

HelenBach said...

I have three very specific thoughts about donations:

1.) If you are in a position to give money, give it. Don't worry about the amount (exception, see #2) because if everyone gave just a little there would be plenty to help.

2.) Give just a little bit more than you gave to the Tsunami Relief Fund. This is our country (sic small 'c') after all.

3. If you can't give money then give some other way. For example, make people aware of the prejudice in this country (sic small 'c').

Anonymous said...

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