Thursday, November 15, 2007

Praying for Rain

The governor of Georgia has incited a prayer vigil for rain.

The common denominator of most contempt is a hatred of stupidity. But most people disagree upon what actually is stupid.

Prayer vigils for rain, much like rain dancing, rattling rain rattles and the sacrificing of virgins in volcanoes for precipitation, is pretty much a moronic activity.

The smartest thing someone said about this praying for rain is, "It unifies us." I can see that. Maybe if everyone bows their heads together in utmost shame for their disregard for the earth, they might send brain waves toward each other that penetrate the moronia and then stimulates the practical spheres of gray matter...into logical problem solving. For this, I am optimistic.

And maybe people are so anxious and operate so completely from fear and greed that they need prayer to slow their minds down, to find the section that is rational, connected to the planet. Okay, fine, fine.

But baby dolls, ain't this all like closing the door long after the horse has already escaped from the barn?

I love Georgia. I've spent a lot of face time there with motherly waitresses and friendly linemen in Waffle Houses from Valdosta to Atlanta. I love the slowness and the open hospitality. Savannah is beautiful.

But, man, what kind of people, long after Voltaire's enlightenment, what kind of people swam to these shores?


Rebecca Waring said...

Hey, who knows, maybe it'll work?They are literally weeks away from running out of drinking water. They are desperate. It's terrifying. They should be getting more help from the Federal Government but that's not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I think God probably just shakes his spiritual head and says, "Rain?? Why do I have to do all the work?? You people should have stopped watering your sidewalks and running your washing machines with only that one favorite shirt that you just HAD to wear to work the next morning. Sheesh! Can't you do ANYTHING for yourselves other than fuck up the environment that took a LOT of effort and creation on my part?? And NOW you want more rain?? Yea, right!"

David K

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I worry about Atlanta...