Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Now that the Feds have backed off, California is simply considering legalizing marijuana. And they might as well. Everyone in LA is stoned all the time. Every party you go to, there is pot. Always. And usually the one with the biggest bag is Bill Maher.

If you see someone on a leisurely stroll, chances are, they are high.

It’s the weed state. Humboldt County grows it like Kansas grows corn.


It just makes sense. If everyone is smoking pot, and they are, you might as well make money from it. Nevada is the gambling state. California will be the pot state. Big deal!

One of the things you notice in New York City, whether you’re high or not, is that no one in New York City is getting high. Lack of availability or the devoir that one retains perpetual aggressive behavior in order to succeed in business, precludes rampant pot smoking.

I have to say, the people in LA are having a better time. But, they are not getting as much done. But, maybe, if you consider a lot of what comes out of LA, it might be wise to keep production levels compromised by a mild hallucinogen.

They tax booze, don’t they? Legalize weed, tax it, and build that bullet train. And when you get to the smoking car, light up a joint and fly through the central valley, wave to the poor animals lolling ‘till slaughter at Cowschwitz or Burger Belsen, and think, “Ah, another reason why the living in California is so easy.”

But bring your spinhaler. The air is rough there.

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