Monday, September 12, 2011

Less Government, More Corporations

The moronic notion that with less government one then enjoys more freedom is enough to make me want to spit out my corn-syrup-based-Snapple.

Does any one person believe they can build a large building or a highway or a postal service or a healthcare system? No matter what---it takes something very organized to do the large projects.

And look, corporations do some things very well. War machines. Monoculture corn. Cheap office supplies. Shampoo.

The government has classically done a bunch of things very well. The highway system. The post office. War machines. Monoculture corn.

Oh wait! There’s overlap. Remember Wenn diagrams?

Friends on the Right, you will never have ultimate power. Large groups of some sort will always have to do the really big things.

And don’t corporations already have enough? Just look at this hideous table situation outside this corporate restaurant. Must everything look like this? For you to feel safe?

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