Thursday, June 28, 2012


I believe living in a house in a quiet place gives you more time to simply be, which could even lead to reflection. Whereas city people often make fun of suburbanites, I do think standing in front of your little ranch house, staring at a tree, is not a bad way to spend time.

Good thoughts arise when you are in nature, even nature that has lots of little (and sometimes big) houses in it.

People in cities process a lot of information…but this is not necessarily a state of greater intelligence, but perhaps more an act of greater filtering. You have to work hard to ignore the distractions.

Plus, a void is a great thing to fill. So living in a void can often be a thrill.

Years ago, when I moved to LA, a friend from NYC had gotten there ten months before I had and she said, “You can be a star in LA. In NY, NY is the star.”  

She meant that there is space to be who you are there.  Which is quite something…Or maybe she meant something else. We were very young. 

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