Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm All for Looking

There was a fine article about LOOKING, the gay SFO show in the NYTimes that has run for two seasons on HBO.  Good writing. Good acting. Believable.

It does feel like it is the first series on television that deals with gay people like they are people and not simply clowns.  This has been exciting to watch.

It is a great experience to witness people who are like you be depicted on screen in a truthful way. Or in my case, younger versions of me.

I do hope the show comes back. But like I've always asked about Joni Mitchell, whom I love, "Does she seek endless pain in order to write songs?"...

In order for the story of LOOKING to continue, must these guys forever be breaking up with people?

Ah, well, Hannah in GIRLS has to keep hunting along with her friends for love and work. But that's both of the biggies. LOOKING deals with half as much.

So, maybe, LOOKING will get deeper (and more subtle?) if it stays on the air and remains, basically, about relationships, but deals with large human issues while being IN relationships.  Maybe the looking they will be doing will be things like, Looking for the authentic self, Looking into raising kids, Looking for more self acceptance and acceptance of others, Looking for love, again, if a divorce comes to pass.  You know, like life. But mostly men.

Kudos to HBO.  How much we love it.

TV... remember when we all made fun of it? I almost never watched Cheers.

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