Wednesday, August 26, 2020

And The Scenies Go To...


Congratulations to Hannah Prichard and Christopher Reiling for their work in The Water Tribe!

They each garnered a SCENIE for outstanding performances, the award given by Stage Scene LA under the intelligent and discerning eye of one of Los Angeles' great reviewers: Steven Stanley.

As soon as I worked with Hannah and Christopher in a workshop production of my play, I knew they were the ones who had to go all the way with it.

Just a few weeks shy of Covid-19 (heard of it?), we finished our extended run at VS. Theatre Company, coproduced by Ensemble Studio Theatre/Los Angeles. 

The rest of the cast was equally divine: Jayne Taini, Jon Joseph Gentry and Alexandra Daniels. 

Under the incredible guidance of Tricia Small, our director, with producers Adam James Glover (also wearing the hat of scenic designer), Liz Ross and Crystal Jackson, and lighting designer Shara Abvabi, costumes formed by the endlessly incredible Michael Mullen, tons of work forged into the late hours by man-of-many-abilities Tyler Burk, all stage managed by Maya Braunwarth, with Ken Werther as our PR king, well, I mean, it was such a great team.  We got it done! I am so grateful, proud, humble and glad. 

It would be so nice to be with our friends again, right? Making things? We shall do it!

Until then, here are the Scenies. There's a lovely full list below. I am so honored to have Hannah Prichard and Christopher Reiling on the list for their amazing work in The Water Tribe! Congratulations to the Tribe.

THE 2019 - 2020 Scenies List

Hannah Prichard and Christopher Reiling

The Water Tribe

Alexandra Daniels, Jayne Taini, Hannah Prichard, Christopher Reiling, Jon Joseph Gentry

Photos by Adam James Glover

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