Saturday, August 29, 2020

PPE for Kentucky Women!

Hi Friends! Raising funds for PPE for the Kentucky Prison for Women in Shelby County along with a great group of writers and musicians. These human beings behind bars are getting ill due to lack-of-funds-and-political-will and it's time to give them a hand! Reading from BENT BUT NOT BROKEN, Sunday, August 30 at 8PM EDT. (5PM PDT). Join us and watch and donate, please.  

The article:

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The GoFundMe site:

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I know we're all doing our best in these insane times. And here I am asking for more help. Do what you can! Hope Springs Eternal? Or is it Hope Lang's Eternal? Either way, LOVE YOU ALL! Stay Healthy! Vote like you mean it! And let's all celebrate the mystery of life--with all its troubles, there's always chocolate and the possibility of survival during a multi-crisis of health, economy, climate and centuries of baked-in racism!

Hugs, from me to you, with the crazy divine energy of whatever kinda damn Jesus you're hanging onto! 

--Nom Us Day, Don

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