Wednesday, November 30, 2005

John McCain---In the Middle

There was an article in Newsweek, the November 21 issue by John McCain about why we should not torture our prisoners. He did not say anything that new: It's wrong, information is unreliable, it will jeopardize our prisoners in future wars, etc. But what was very interesting about the article was his choice of words. The guy is being truthful about who he is while at the same time speaking to both camps, Redders and Bluesies.

He used the following terms a few times in the article:


Best example:

The enemies we fight today hold our liberal values in comtempt, as they hold in comtempt the international conventions that enshrine them. I know that. But we are better for our faith.

Also, there were pictures of him as a young soldeir, one in combat gear (a smaller picture) and one with him in a military hospital. In both photos, he looks virile while showing both sides of what war is all about.

In some way, I would be happy with a moderate Republican for our future...anyone would be better than our current lunatic. But mostly, I find this article interesting because of how well it was written while at the same time speaking to to both sides. Is it a bit calculated? Sure. What the hell isn't? You can't buy a Fig Newton these days without being manipulated in some way.


Rebecca Waring said...

I really like John McCain. I don't know if I'd vote for him but I might. He's pro-life which is my main objection to him. Otherwise I think he seems utterly uncorruptible.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I agree that he has his moments... But since he has consistently and repeatedly stood by the worst President in history... I'm sorry, Senator, but you have lost ALL credibility as far as I am concerned.


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