Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Facebook, Why?

Facebook, complicated Facebook, almost powder blue Facebook, why? Why are you still here?

I thought Google+ would do you in. I was wrong.

I thought people would get so bored. I was wrong again. They just got way into their food and started posting greasy pictures of their daily slop.

Then, I thought there would be an uprising as the pages became increasingly difficult to use, especially with the privacy levels, then the subscribing levels, which are different than friend levels and the lists and what the hell else?

But it sticks and sticks.

I used to love being a blogger because almost no one had the discipline to keep at it. And you put yourself out there. And it felt kind of courageous. Blogging, of course, is the online equivalent of ancient sea sponges. And the next leg up, you know, would have been the coelenterates, but Facebook went all the way to vertebrates and maybe even beyond. Why?

Why doesn’t something simpler replace it? Would it really be so hard to bail (bale?) and start over? I mean, almost everyone on earth dropped AOL.

I’m ready. Hale-Bop, take me to another world.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

I still think Blogs are Best... Plus Facebook can't own this... (Google does! LOL)... Facebook totally lost me in the last re-organization... I completely do not understand what subscriptions are and how they differ to the regular feed and I'm too busy and disinterested to sit and figure it all out... I barely use FB anyway... But I do enjoy various aspects of it...