Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally: Blood in the Streets

You know, I’m seeing pictures of bloodied and battered protesters.

I was wondering when the kids were going to wake up and get out there and make a fuss. It’s happening.

Thanks, kids. No sarcasm here. I mean it. Thank you.

Blood in the streets. This is when it gets interesting. (Also a great time to buy stocks and real estate. Oh, the irony. Yet I do get sucked into self interest. Baby, I was born this way…oh wait, no---I was made this way by my society.)

Look, kids who protest and get a little battered make for great photo ops. They’re young and they will heal. It is easy to imagine that some of these kids want to get beaten. It’s the ones who can take it. The strong ones who get right in the face of the fuzz and say, “No, pig. You are not going to stop us.”

Funny, the world only understands pain. Even after Western enlightenment, reason is not held in great esteem. You concentrate wealth and then lie to everyone about some sort of “all boats” or “trickle down” theory, as if they hold any water or give any water, well, you are going to raise the ire of the many. This is just obvious. And yet—the greedy still want to concentrate the wealth.

Bad way to go.

The kids can take some physical abuse. And they are doing it. But why must it come to this? Maybe it’s because it’s just how it’s been done for a very long time…kids are the ones who also go out and do Righties’ wars. It’s tradition. Physical strength at its zenith is used.

Fight, kids…so maybe no one ever has to fight again. But maybe that’s a very optimistic thought.

Maybe the fight is what people want. Better to beat the kids into understanding what capitalism is all about (it’s good for them?) than to have peace and togetherness. Because Socialism, apparently, is evil. Ask any Dane. They’ll tell you. ;) Wink.