Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monday Night Show and More


Come see my show Monday night. You’ll have a good time. Or you won’t. But at least you’ll have done something you usually don’t do. These sort of outings can wake you up.

I believe in corporations because I like centralization. Let Williams-Sonoma make everything for my house under the guise of different companies. Trick is, just don’t let the king of Williams-Sonoma get so damn rich. How many houses full of silicon pot holders does he need?

I have an idea for a book: Lose weight like a chain smoker! (Without the smoking).
If you do what chain smokers do…which is something besides eating…in other words, keep yourself very distracted, and stay sort of obsessed and driven while denying yourself calories, you will lose weight. It works. Just make sure your meals are healthy, small and consistent.

I believe women rape, sexually, too. It’s a different kind of rape. They’ll do it for the power. Distant. Controlling. I’ve heard some talk about it--came from the horse’s mouth. Everyone gets their turn at destroying others. And then they pretend they don’t?

You’ll love this play. See it. It’s so well done.
The performance of the main guy is truly amazing.

Snow in October. Spring in November. This weather sure is entertaining! Variety is the spice, and perhaps the lunacy, of life.
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