Friday, December 02, 2011

The Descendants

The Descendants

It’s being sold as a comedy. But for me the best thing about it is it is an elegy in paradise.

Payne is smart. We know this. And his tone is wonderful. I remember the first movie I saw of his---Citizen Ruth---I think I watched it three times. Abortion poster child as a schism/farce. Election, three times.

But back to The Descendants. I have to say, it started off with a voiceover and I was hoping that would go away quickly. It did. And it never returned. Thank goodness.
We could have done with none of it.

The movie unfolds in a way that is close to surprising. More importantly, it is shot and cut and acted so well, well, you’ll see.

The soundtrack is going to do for Hawaiian music the opposite of what Sideways did for Merlot.

Also, have you never been to Hawaii? You really should go as soon as possible. Nothing is more pleasant.

Friends, go the movies. And if you have a teenager next to you texting during the entire movie, don’t do what I did. Give her a polite but fatherly talking to early on. Do not wait until the movie is over.

These damn kids. Get off my lawn!

I give The Descendants one and three-quarters thumbs up. I would give it two if it felt completely fresh. But it is hard to find a fully fresh two thumber in a market driven, top down business where the artist must grovel for cash from corporate titans in order to make his dream come to life.

Occupy Burbank!

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