Thursday, December 01, 2011

Floppy Hats and Muskets

The Hatfields and McCoys…this is what the opposing political parties have become in the U.S. Hardened. Righteous. The fight will never end. But since it is this way, fight we must.

Today, a New York State judge has allowed that the gay marriages that have taken place in New York could be declared illegal by something called the Open Meetings Law…The Republicans who got together at one time with Cuomo and one time with Bloomberg to discuss and push through the marriage equality law apparently were supposed to invite all the other Republicans into these meetings, as if these meetings were ever intended to be anything more than they were…

Some upstaters are upset and are trying to turn back the clock. They are grabbing at anything. It’s good the judge is letting this go through. Let it fail, this fascist attempt, so the tightie-Righties can get their noses rubbed into it.

It’s a ridiculous notion but it is a real threat. The Prop 8 loons did it in California, though they did not null and void the marriages that already took place there when it was legal.

Will it ever end? I’m so tired.

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