Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Greed, Man, Bummer

The Tea Party pretends to care about freedom and strange thoughts small and mean. But really, they do not understand the simplest workings of government and have such a silly view of how math works, that they should and most likely will happily disappear during the next election cycle.

So few of these people understand math. If your tax dollars are paying for uninsured people, inefficiently, to visit emergency rooms for asthma attacks and the flu, doesn't it make more sense to trim the money back for that? Why does this simple change make these right wing people fume so? The old system surely did not work and uninsured people live miserable lives and die, on average, five years earlier than insured people. It is heartless lunacy to be against helping these people.

Whenever I have a meal with a turgid Right Wing person, be they a Constitutional Conservative or a Libertarian, I calmly hold my place and agree with certain aspects of their argument. I don't like victim status for anyone and I would like to believe, too, like my tighty Righties, that people are better off taking care of themselves--however, some people simply don't have the means, the personality or even, the luck. So, I sit there and say, "This is the math. Some people don't have the means or ability. And why is it so important to you, anyway, this withholding? Why so punitive?" Eventually, the Rightist, if I play it right, will say something, half sheepishly, like, "Maybe I'm just a selfish asshole. I don't know."  And they chuckle. And then if I ask, "Well, should we let these people die?"--A wave comes over their faces--and it looks like they would be okay with these people dying.

It's a war for these Rightist people. The disadvantaged, to them, should pretty much fuck off and die.

I don't like to be taxed. Who does? But it's the VIG you have to pay in order to live in civilization. Freedom is not freedom from this. Whoever thought, realistically, using real math, that a nation could survive if greed and selfishness were the true roads to freedom?

Tax me, build me a bullet train from here to eternity, help out a helpless soul (or 30,000,000) and let these Tea Party lunatics suffer greatly at any and all upcoming polls. Their understanding of fiscal operations is uninformed. Their reductionist thoughts, which convert into ransoming behavior, are moronic and dangerous. Silly tantrum people. I believe the tantrum existed before the political situation. Some people just want cookies cookies cookies. If people have to die so they can gorge themselves, well, so be it. Is this really their pleasure? It seems so.

Do not vote screaming, bottomless children into office. They are rapacious, unseemly, uncouth, repellent and pathetic. They can't enjoy their banana cream pie unless they have a thousand more stashed away somewhere for a rainy day. Terrified beasts. And they want to spread their terror. Be gone, monstrous vermin.

Have I made myself clear?

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