Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Glass Menagerie with Cherry Jones

We can make this review pretty simple: Go see it.

Sometimes, it all comes together. I've only seen a few plays do this.

Real desperation in real time. Check.
Cherry Jones going on the full ride. Check
Full realism and poetry coming through in equal measures. Check
A gentleman caller that was modern and attractive and good natured. Check
Laura and Tom were good, too. Check

There was some direction and movement and design that was overwrought. But it seems like everyone wants to visibly prove they've earned their paycheck these days. Clever. Fuck that.

This play proved that all you need is a great play and great actors, and you're set.
It's really no different than watching someone be really alive in your living room, plowing through the whole of the human condition.

This play is so good. The structure comes from the need of the people in the story. It is imperfect and clunky and completely truthful and sleek.

You get to see this sort of thing every now and again, like a comet.

Check it out. At the Booth. It's going to disappear so jump on it.

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