Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Buy Less, Have More

Who wants a future mountain of landfill sitting around the house?
Not me!

I want nothing more than three onesies and a rice bowl. When I die, I want to land face first into the bowl and break it. The onesies can be given to gerbils to be chewed into nesting material.

Though I do love my electronics, I must say, I only love them for their usefulness. I wish they were made out of cornstarch so when they become obsolete, I could just run them under some water.

We all do better when consumption is decreased. An economy based on growth is an economy in denial. Pyramid schemes, like all pyramids, will eventually crumble. And why should you run around the base of that pyramid, buying things no one needs, only to support the few greedy Tuts at the top who, in their lofty altitude, are the only ones above the cloud cover of pollution caused by the fearful, frenzied activity at sooty ground level. No need for this any longer. No need.

This Christmas, why not give food? Like fruit. Or pudding? These are things that won't linger in someone's regifting drawer.

Friends, the joy is in the Ha-Hoo-Dor-Ase. Though I admit the colored lights of Christmas are pretty, it would be even prettier if instead, we just burned a few candles in the windows.

Stop shopping. Turn off the television. Take a bath. Eat a pot roast.

Buy Nothing
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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Great post, Grasshopper!

Rebecca Waring said...

This is so true! I think even I'd like Christmas if it were purely spiritual. But I do make one exception. Buy art. Or anything beautiful and hand-crafted - whether you want to call it art or not. The world will be better for it.