Monday, December 05, 2005

Ho Ho, the Missile-Tow


Let's Put Down the Weapons and Have Some Glug

As the party season starts to heat up, it becomes very interesting to see human beings enjoying the close comfort of their fellow mammals. There is something about December that brings out the goodness in people.

Furthermore, it seems to me that people actually do like to get together with close friends under cozy conditions. It brings out the warm, safe glow of the heart, etc., things like that.

What always strikes me at holiday events is at least two people will say something akin to, “We should do this once a month,” or “ Why do we only do this this time of year?”

It is bizarre that people will allow themselves this cozy feeling at Christmas, letting down their guard, acting downright old world Bavarian fireplace-like and then as soon as it is possible, say January 2, they will shelve these feelings along with the ornaments and unwanted gifts and return to a certain obeisance to competition, acquisition and fear. The post Christmas letdown. The slushy head.

I don’t want to get all sappy here. But I guess I am anyway. The short days of December, of course, are more conducive to little get-togethers, candles, sending out waves of caring to others. But I always think, especially during the dog days of August, “I wish it were Christmas. During the holiday season, the sun will not pelt my skin. The loud music coming out of cars will be quieter. People will slow down and work less. The food will certainly be so much more pot roastish. And good will toward men will be back in fashion.” But then, I don't really like the beach.

Troops come home. Greed be gone. People consume less. A subway for LA. A relaxed and happy citizenry comprised of those who care for each other. The New Green City of New Orleans, please.

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Rebecca Waring said...

I really hate Christmas but I'm glad some folks feel happy around now. As a matter of fact, I hate Christians too. Bah Humbug. But do pass that glug.