Monday, December 12, 2005

December 12, 1974

I went to the mall today for christmas shopping. What a rip off! I bought mommy a jeanie lamp incense burner, daddy a plaque that says "Never trust a man that doesn't drink." Sally a capricorn band, and Greg a flash light. In a store called "Mexico" in town I got Wendy a blue pig, chris an onyx frog and nanny this clay pot. The T.V. specials were on tonight for X-mas. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Rudolph the rednose reindeer. I'm going to the poconos tomorrow and Wendy and Chris are coming. Well Goodnight

The mall: Nanuet
Sally: my sister
Capricorn band: a leather bracelet that snapped together...with the Capricorn goat embossed upon it. Chic.
Greg: my brother
Nanny: My maternal grandmother, whom I was very close to
Wendy: The upstairs neighbor in our two family house. My sister's age.
Chris: My best friend at the time. Big party guy. What in the world would he do with an onyx frog?

The Poconos: We had a little vacation house there for a few years. It was very cute and extremely woodsy. I used to catch salamanders and make terrariums to put them in--in large 5 gallon glass water bottles. I also learned to ski there.

When I say "What a rip off!": I'm sure it was code for shoplifting and I dared not write it in my journal, for fear of someone reading it, or the police hauling me off to SingSing.

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Rebecca Waring said...

Was the house near Lake Wallenpaupack? Maybe we saw you there.