Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Henry Wolfe

Friends! Get onto iTunes and buy the complete works of Henry Wolfe. He is a great musician with a great voice.

Now look---I know there’s a lot of “nouvelle carnival music” out there. But his is a cut above…because he has humanity. It’s not just show. He’s hooked up. And he is a great song writer.

I particular like Buzzards. But there are so many others. The Blue House on iTunes, get it.

Tonight, I saw and heard Henry play at JOE’s PUB. His band is solid. Look---the way the DIY musicians do it is by getting bloggers like me to stand up and say THIS ONE, here!

He opened for April Smith and the Last Picture Show. She’s great, and also a bit carnival-beat, but more show, less truth. Big voice.

Henry is more subtle, which I always like.

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love henry!