Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sales Time

After listing our apartment in Queens online (Craigslist) this is the amount of inquiries that we have received to see the apartment: 0

So it is high time we call a realtor, which I did, the one who got us two bids in one week the last time we listed the apartment.

Here she comes.

She takes 6% of the sale, which sort of makes my white flesh crawl. On the other hand, 94% is not a bad amount as long as she pushes this donkey high up the ladder.

I hate to be so crass, but I am.

If anyone wants to buy this groovin’ pad before 12PM East Coast Time, do come forward. It will be cheaper than when the realtor posts it.

Until then, I hope everyone is living the life they want to live in the space they want to live it in surrounded by mammals they feel are perfect at this time.

1 comment:

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Keep us posted... I can't believe you got zero inquiries... That's where you found it in the first place was CL... Times change, I guess... And now it's back to Realtors