Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Give Discredit where Discredit is Due

Obama, you rat, people are getting tossed off their healthcare plans and when they try to log on to the .gov site to get coverage, they get a frigging message of incompetence.

This is disgusting.

You had years.


To make sure this went smoothly.

I know people who don't like to get into the nitty gritty. And sure, you aren't the guy who has to do the bookkeeping entries, the HTML, the lawn watering or the laundry. Fine. But damn, baby, you better make sure the guy who is in charge of all those guys is talking to you and giving you reports.

You dropped a big ball, you big shiny loon.

This is one of those glaring examples that the Right likes to trot forward, "See! See! Let the government do it and you know what happens! It sucks. It doesn't work. Fuck the government. Drown it in the bathtub."
Usually, they are talking about the post office when they say this. (I have never experienced less than satisfactory work from the post office, and I have used it much over the years, so I don't get this post office attack. But maybe these complainers just don't like the whole feel of the place.)

But this health care...come on!

Let's hear if for Kentucky. They pulled it together well.

Now let's hope this gets resolved in the next two weeks---or I'm gonna hippo hurricane holler like that enormous governor from New Jersey.

Obama--you dropped the ball in this pickup game. Shame-bama. Shame.

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