Monday, November 18, 2013

The Swiss Always Get it Right, Right?

Frankly, I am all for a minimum load of cash for everyone. I know, there is ire out there for free cash. But what if you were born wealthy with a generous parent who has no qualms about giving you a trust fund that is large enough to live on, either meagerly or grandly? Isn't that free cash? What did you do for it?

Note: I love my trust fund friends and have enjoyed watching them soar and stagnate along with the rest of us. The money didn't really do much more than free them up to pursue their lives without financial stress. But the rest of life intrudes, and their stress is not much different than yours. In fact, in some ways it is worse. You, most readers, know you have to go to work. They don't know what the heck to do half the time. Plus, if you are failing as a writer/dancer/singer/snake charmer/entrepreneur with a big bag of cash and all the time in the world, you don't even get to have the excuse, "Well, if I wasn't so exhausted from my day job..."

I continue to have a hard time with the double standard: a wild work ethic for the middle class and the poor. Then: Any philosophy for anyone who is wealthy.

It would be fascinating to go out to dinner and to look around the entire restaurant and to know that anyone who is a citizen of your country shares something very similar, personal, essential and enlivening: a usable lump of cash that keeps all wolves away from all doors.

If Switzerland does this, and it works, I don't want to hear some racist monster say, "Well, it works because the Swiss have a good work ethic." I've been to Switzerland. Those people are about as lazy as I am.

Greedy, greedy, Americans, join me. Tax and spend: on yourself.

An idea whose time has come:
You know you love Swiss cheese. Something else for you to love about Schweiz.

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