Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Unbearable Lightness of Narrative

I don't believe in narrative, exactly.

Things happen. And you can build a story.

There is cause and effect, for sure.

But some shit---well, it's just random. Like, if someone finds you unseasonably attractive or a safe falls on your head.

I do believe the spine of narrative is the ol' simple reality of Born-Live-Die. That's how we perceive the world and so our stories reflect that. And maybe that's fine. With lots of little borns-lives-deaths along the way. You mess with it, to make it more interesting. But there it is. Baby, toil, corpse.

But wouldn't it be so much more fun if it wasn't just that? That the superseding engine was the non-narrative?

That exact empirical truths are in charge and we don't even know what they are? And it is okay not to know. Narrative can be nothing more than the slight reveal of what is behind the curtain of unknowing--but it's all folly since we really can never really know. You can feel and believe anything. But you never really know.

And that's enough of a story for me.

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