Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone Is Dead But I Feel So Alive

My sister turned to me last weekend when I was jumping up in down in joyous approval of this Northeastern Autumn air and said, “The weather is really a mood driver.”

She’s so right! Some people get depressed by dark winters. Not me. I get so cozy, so gemutliegkeit, I almost turn into a Hummel. Fall is so wonderful, you just want to be outside hugging the trees, in ecstasy.

Spring is hopeful and sexy. Just ask anyone.

And then, well, then there’s summer. And that’s when it gets dark for me. Being hot all the time. No thank you. Summers are made for wretches, mechanics and lunatics. I feel off in the summer and I think about all my relatives who are dead in the summer. I think about lonely, hot apartments and relatives that have expired, alone, in the summer. And it just seems so depressing.

But then, the weather gets better and all the relatives are still dead, but I feel so alive.

“The weather really is a mood driver.”


Anonymous said...

I've always felt that those Georgia crackers who murdered in the movies Deliverance and Easy Rider were that paranoid because of the relentless, horrendous heat and humidity in the south. And, too, I've wondered if they would be different people if they moved. I, for one, turn pretty evil in July and August, at least in the east. I was definitely less cranky in the Idaho summers.


Cheryl said...

And don't forget that movie, Summer of Sam. It got a bad rap for the talking dog scene, but I thought it did a great job of showing how heat makes people crazy.

Rebecca Waring said...

I like heat. And humidity. My favorite way to sleep is in a really warm, humid room on top of the covers, naked, with a window fan blowing on me. The smell of the summer. Crickets. So relaxing. But I'm weird.