Wednesday, September 09, 2009

He Lies?

Funny, the news is obsessed with Joe Wilson, Republican from a Carolina, who yelled out, YOU LIE! after President Obama said the new laws would not cover illegal immigrants.

People (TV) likes a fight.

Of all the things that came out of Obama’s speech, what does the media focus on?

Some over emotional idiot, yelling out like he’s in the Sixth grade.

The pushers of news just want you to look at the fight. It is disgusting.

Obama’s speech was brilliant. Was all of it true? I have no idea. I still hold that having a public option WILL do exactly what the Republicans fear---people will run to it like Wilma and Betty in The Flintstones with charge cards, decimating private insurance.

But who can blame them? It is one thing to let the invisible hand of the market take care of bicycle sales and toothpaste. But for your liver? Or your tumor? The market? For that? Are you tired old white people insane?

President B. Obama was wise to conjure the spirit Ted Kennedy. You could feel our recently departed, beloved senator’s compassion and moral standing in the room. Is it called the Ted Kennedy bill? It should be.

I do not understand Republicans who sit, all grumpy, against progress. It all looks like greed to me. If you regulate an industry, you diminish its power to concentrate cash, which is just terrifying to the piggies. But WHY oh WHY do these people think it is a good idea to send so much cash toward one industry? Okay, they know this is not a good thing. But then, why do they not come up with any solutions other than obstructionism? Fearful. Goodbye to them. They are to be ignored.

It feels like the momentum for healthcare reform is there and something will happen, soon. Obama leads. He leads as a smart, measured guy with real humanity. Is this thing all hammered out? Obviously not. But it is getting there. And I will say it again: I am ALL FOR the public option---I hate insurance companies—been denied too many times for a preexisting condition (allergy shots, my friends) and I will gladly join the ranks of the rank and file for low budget Post Office style national insurance so the monthly shots I get will not be followed by the ritual I currently face after each visit: three phone calls. One, returning the doctor’s office call about my denied eligibility. Two, calling the eligibility department to tell them to flip the switch, ‘cause my Cobra is all paid up. Then, three, the claims department, after the bill arrives, telling them to reprocess. All this? What a colossal waste of time. Give me the post office. I know the line is long. But I know once I get through the line, the package is on its way to Duluth and I NEVER have to hear about it again.

Big question---why four years? One hopes, when it comes to a time frame, Obama is under promising and will over deliver. I want my public option insurance next Tuesday!

Congratulations, President Obama. You did what is needed. Now, keep fighting like a dog. A mean dog. Please.

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