Monday, September 28, 2009

A Sinful Fish Tale

When I was a wee kid, I went to elementary school in Spring Valley, New York which was a great town of Jews. We got off for the major holidays, naturally.

It was always such a treat. You start school right after Labor Day and within a few weeks, there are days off!

And now for the fish (and since William Safire is dead, this is my wee homage to him).

Word Play: The atonement will arrive with fins!

I heard of Yom Kippur long before I heard of a kipper. But once I did learn of kippers, well, my mind immediately played that little trick where you start to think of kippers every time someone starts to atone.

So, here’s to Yom Kipper! (And, they used to pronounce it that way back in Spring Valley. And William Safire—what’s in a word?)

I hope everyone has looked inside their sinning selves and has taken note and figured out how to be better people from now on. Yahweh knows, we need it! And then, well, we will all feel lighter and have a better time. To all my Jews and non-Jews alike: Enjoy the kippers!

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Tom Degan said...

First Bill Buckley now Bill Safire. Two of the few remaining intelligent conservatives within the space of so short at time. The voices of reason within the conservative movement are dwindling by the day.

My left-leaning ways notwithstanding, although I did not agree with him much of the time, when William Safire spoke, I listened.

Meanwhile the movement that the two men were so identified with - the movement they both tried to save from the kooks, criminals and fools who have hijacked it - continues to implode.

Isn't life wonderful?

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY