Friday, February 28, 2014

Cold and Clear

1. Arizona, you are a nutbag.

2. So much attack on people who post, tweet and look for approval. In a culture where competition and success are can you blame a person for looking for affirmation? Isn't it clear that people have been needing this for a long time? And as the population grows and the jobs shrink and the tenor of human interaction gets colder and meaner and the need for love remains constant, why wouldn't people be looking for some good rays of human warmth? Columnists call this behavior narcissistic. But isn't it narcissistic to have a column? These established writers are simply competing with the posters for attention. They unconsciously want to bring the posters down because they are taught to compete. And then--love deficit again. Thus, proving this point.

3. This winter, as we know, is horrendous. But you have to give yourself credit for getting through it. In complete awe of Canadians and all the United States citizens who live within 1000 miles of the 49th parallel. You go, girls. And you're probably going to have to keep those tights on through all of March, too.

4. The publishing industry is dead. Long live the publishing industry. It's actually getting interesting. On demand. E. Hard. Self. And they are all getting integrated. Oh, the slowness of business! But here we are, finally.

5. Theater is dead, too. Long live theater and the strange interactive thing it is becoming. It just proves that in the end, people like a good rib eye when they are watching Macbeth. And a potato with sour cream.

6. Marijuana is everywhere. I like it. But it makes me a bit crazy. So I kind of don't like it. Sparingly, sparingly, sparingly, kiddies. You wouldn't eat a whole bag of Smarties, either, would you?

7. Oscar weekend, or what we like to call it: the biggest holiday season of all in Los Angeles. Watch out for helicopters getting caught in your wig, friends.

8. It has nothing to do with race or size, but I can't help but sort of hate Africa right now. And strangely, what is exempt is South Africa. Change, turn, surprise.

9. No more time for boasting. Only time for doing.

10. I once wanted to be important. Now, I want to be important while having a good time.

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