Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Super Storm Pax has Begun

Okay, earlier this winter I had a certain attitude about all the bellyaching. It was, "Yeah, this is winter. Like back when we had winter."

Frankly, the very cold temperatures, always under freezing, are fine. People are talking about how they are used to it now. No one is shivering. We have become Icelandic.

But it's this endless filthy snow that never melts that just keeps building up. The well worn paths---they are covered with sand over frozen bridges of snow and ice. People walk over all this horror and go about their business. Everyone is wearing huge ugly boots. Souls are encrusted with salt. Walkways are encrusted with salt. It's like a huge crunchy dirty pretzel. But even saltier. It's hideous.

This could get a person down. But you start thinking this---after every storm, you are done with one more storm. The earth does orbit and the axis shifts. It has shifted quite a bit lately. The days are longer. The sun is pushing up toward a higher angle. You KNOW that spring will be here in five weeks. At least in name.
So there is hope.

We are a hopeful people.

But this PAX snow just started. And people are talking 8 or 12 inches. You just hope the rain that is coming in afterward will destroy the whole mess. Obliterate the dirt and salt.

So, hate to be all prissy. But it's not the snow or the cold. It's the mess.

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