Thursday, February 06, 2014

Good News About the World

Though we hear all this anti-gay hell about Russia...and it is hell...

Think about this:

The entire Western World, almost, is supporting all athletes of all sexual orientations. Think about it. Just twenty years ago, you would not have had a major corporation jumping up and down with its rainbow flags, saying, GO GUUURRRRLLL!
Now, it's just what is done. It has become the norm. It's brilliant. (And it sure does remove a certain amount of tension from my life.)

So Russia, yeah, you are a drag. But the civilized world?  It's pretty damn civilized. And for that, I have to say this: I am going to continue to live in the United States, in the usable places, and there is no need, really, to ever go to Russia. I'm no Olympiad.

Happy Sports to all.

We always progress. Always. Toward including everyone. That's the groovy thing about democracy.
Now, let's get behind our trans friends. And our one armed paper hangers!

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