Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Woody and Michael

So little else needs to be said about Woody Allen and his crazed family life.

Except this:  We won't know, ever, what lurked in his heart. Or loins. Maybe it was proven that he did nothing untoward to his daughter. But, of course, he married the daughter of his girlfriend and everyone got pretty upset about that.

Michael Jackson and Woody Allen and millions of other men like them young. It seems. Men will do what they can, too, to satisfy an itch. Go behind a closed door. Make a whole movie about it. Open up a theme park. Etc.

Beyond any criminal activity, this also becomes a biological problem. Why on earth are some men sexually attracted to children?

You can understand the men who want kids in their late teens. Not long ago, that was when people got married. Rich men got to have very young women as their brides. Beyond the questions of power and property and control, most of us can agree that kids in their late teens are sexual. But young kids? Who are not sexual? Yeah, that's the difficult one.

I know so many people who were wrongly handled as children. It's a true crisis.

We have to figure out why and how men are sexually attracted to children. And if it is genetic, then it is time for some genetic engineering.

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